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Around midnight on 9/13/2019, was outside, clear skies, full moon, my daughter spotted a bright orb in the skyline above the trees to the sw. it was bright and pulsating, oval shaped. there was a red light between the pulsating lights. it flew on a straight path, going up or down ever so slightly. it was flying slowly, slower than an airplane, then stopped and hovered for approximately 5 seconds, then went behind the treeline, hovered again, then disappeared. i saw this same object twice before, approx a month ago, by itself as tonight. then a bit over a month ago, with another object exactly as the one stated above. when i saw the two together, they would stay on a single path, but fly up the down as if they were putting on a show then one flew off in a straight line and disappeared, with the other hovering for a few seconds, then taking off after the other. they both just vanished. i did not have my phone with me that night to record it, but all three sightings were around the same time, approx midnight. the first two sightings gs, there was a loud humming noise coming from them, that seemed to scour the area. as if they sent it out from the object, the noise was not so loud, but as the humming sound got closer, it got much louder, then seeming to pass over us with the sound slowly dissipating as it got further away. it was almost like wave.. tonight the hum was faint. my daughter has seen these objects almost every night for the past two months. she says sometimes there is one, other times 2 as i seen. and doing the same thing with the loud humming noise. she brought it to my attention approx 2 months ago, i heard the wave of humming sounds, but did not see the object that time.. it was quit cloudy.

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