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I'm reading the book, the kansas city ufo flaps, by margie kay. i hope i am reaching you. i feel bad that i didn't get back with you 8 years ago. i know you wanted to talk to me.

anyway, back in october 2011 i still lived in lees summit, missouri. i don't remember the exact date because i have since destroyed my journals from that period of time, but i believe it was the night of october 2, 2011, because i know there was a game going on at arrowhead stadium and everyone there saw something. there were sightings all over lees summit that night. you or someone from mufon had a meeting soon after, to talk about all the sightings throughout the city that night. i attended and i briefly told my story. you, or whoever had that meeting, said they wanted to talk to me after the meeting but there was such a crowd waiting to talk to you, that this didn't happen. i needed to leave and i failed to contact you. life got in the way and i forgot about it.

i noticed in your book that only around 5% or so of sightings get reported. i believe that you need all the information you can get...So here's my story. even though eight years have passed, i remember that night vividly.

i was 57 at the time and lived at 6134 ne moonstone court in lees summit at the time, in a 4 unit condo i owned. my condo faced east and 291/470 highway, with a woods and the little blue river directly behind me to the west.

i was sitting that night with my next-door neighbor jackie, (same building) on her back patio. i don't know what time it was for sure but approximately 9 pm. we both had enclosed back patios behind us, facing the woods and little blue river. we were sitting in the dark visiting and all of a sudden i could feel that something/someone was in the woods behind us. her patio had solid wood walls so a person in the woods could not actually see us, but i assured her that something was there even though we had not heard a thing. we were totally sober and sane. i was frightened for some reason and i'm usually not scared of most things.

then suddenly i looked up and there was a huge black aircraft very slowly moving directly above us right above the treetops. i swear it was so close that it might have touched the trees. there was a slight gap in the trees that were directly above us so we could only see a portion of this huge craft at a time, but could see most of each circular section at a time. it slowly moved from north to south and stopped above us and hovered over us. the object looked like two circles joined together with a bridge between the two discs...Sort of like a figure eight. around the bottom of each of the circle sections were alternating blue and red square/rectangle lights. the lights stayed on and were not flashing. we couldn't believe what we were seeing and jackie noted that maybe the police were searching for someone in the woods. i told her that i didn't think that was the case because there were no searchlights and it definitely was not a helicopter. again, no sound and no wind movement.

i stood up to look at it better and when i did, the patio motion light came on, so what ever was in that craft could definitely see us. i wasn't frightened, just amazed. we watched it for about a minute just hovering above us. then very slowly it drifted off going south. we couldn't believe what we had just seen because we had never seen or heard of an aircraft shaped like this or one that could move like this. i could still feel something in the woods after it left, so i went home through the front door, away from the woods. the next day in the news, we noticed there were lots of sightings all over the city that night, including everyone at arrowhead stadium at the ballgame. the stadium sightings may have been explained later, i'm not sure on that.

i'm a photographer and would have given anything to have had my camera in hand.

then we learned that there was a mufon meeting in the city to talk about the many sitings and we both attended, but unfortunately i was not able to talk to you afterward, while reading your book i feel like all of us that have seen anything should report to you.

for a few months after this, a few strange things happened inside my place that was never explained. i have no idea if they had anything to do with this or not.

please have margie kay in missouri contact me if you need more information.

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