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I was walking my dog in open spaces on a rural highway across from my house at about 4 p.M. when i saw a white dot in the clear blue sky. it looked as if it was falling from the sky and i thought it might be a feather, but then i realized it was very far away and moving away from me. i watched it fly in a straight line toward the east, then suddenly disappear.

it was a very clear day and this object was very clear to me. although we do not see airplanes out here (don't seem to be near a commercial flight path), i do live close to fort leonard wood, so i'm used to seeing jets and trails and all that from maneuvers. however, this was much, much higher than i've ever seen anything before, and it didn't look like anything i've ever seen.

i know that this could be anything, but the fact that it disappeared the way it did was remarkable. it didn't fade away, just suddenly wasn't there. i'd be very interested in knowing if there was something flying in the region at that time, or if this is a genuine ufo. it's certainly one to me!

thanks for the good work!

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