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Since monday morning (first sighting) at around 5:45 am est., this orb was in the sky outside my guest room window, making a horizontal figure 8 pattern, then it would dash across the sky fast and come back to the figure 8 pattern. i thought it was insane but didn't grab my phone to record it. last night, october 2, 2019, my girlfriemd and i were leaning out of our guestroom window and the light came back! except this time it looked like it was inside the clouds in the rain storm we were having, every once in a while poking out real quick, or just whipping by just inside the bottom layer of cloud. tonight, october 4, 2019, i saw it again. i thought maybe someone has a military flashlight in the neighbourhood, and is messin around. until i saw it again. it's inside the clouds though, and has made several insane turns at crazy speed, and is dancing around out there again. it stays for a while. i'm not sure what to think here lol! this is fascinating!

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