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Noticed unusual black odd slender shape cloud. please see pictures attached. at the left of the cloud it looks like a fleet of ? objects. i am hoping y’all can enlarge the photos to see what the objects are and please let me know.

also, in 1965, when i was eight years old i seen an ufo craft across a two lane street from my bedroom window. i can see it clearly in my mind today. i was living in carson, california it was evening time and the craft came down over the crop field and quietly gently serenely slowly floated or hovered and pausing to examine the crop. i always wondered if there was radiation in that area leaving evidence of it present.
the craft looked like it was made of silver alloy, shaped oval with circular lights under the bottom with bottom center examining light. it was very similar to the craft on the movie “encounter of third kind�. i don’t remember being abducted but i am a poor historian. i can’t remember much of my childhood or things that happened while raising my children. enough i’ m finished.Please let me know what you think. thanks.

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