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I was barbequing in our back yard at 8:00 pm on march 10th, 2019. while i bbq i always look up at the stars, planes and helicopters in the sky. it was a partially cloudy night with a clearing in the middle of the night sky. i was looking north at a star when i noticed through the clouds at an approx. 40% angle from the horizon a group of glowing discs(approximately a total of 18-20 disc objects) coming out of the clouds.
the objects when glowing discs traveling south to north in a straight line at approximately 15k sf to 25k sf of altitude and about 85% of perpendicular. on the outside of the group there were two flying triangle formations with one formation having 6 discs and the other formation having 8 discs. those two formations traveled on a steady course north to south. in between the two formations 4 same sized glowing discs moved independently around the entire time. the entire observation time was approximately 20-25 seconds.
no aircraft at that speed and altitude can change direction that quickly. the discs all were the same, they were a glowing steady white light. there were no flashing white lights, green lights or red lights at all like a normal airplane.
i am a natural critic of ufo and paranormal sighting. i have seen many civilian and military aircraft in my years and these glowing discs were not aircraft or any manmade objects i have ever seen personally or in videos. i would never report anything to mufon unless i was absolutely sure about what i saw.
when i first saw the objects i yelled loudly for my wife, daughter and son to come outside immediately to view the disc formation. they were able to watch and witness the last half of the visible formation flight. i am willing to provide a drawing or with help do a video recreation of what everything looked like.

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