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It was about 9:40pm, it was a very cloudy day and it was getting dark. i walked outside to my backyard and looked up to the sky and saw a bright red/orange orb like light in the sky ( it was about 5 times brighter than a star ), it was flying up going at a faster speed than any other flying vehicle i’ve ever seen. i saw it disappear high into the sky and then i saw another one flying in the same path. as the second one was disappearing into the sky, i saw a third one taking the same path again. it looked like they were all taking off from the same place because they would ascend from the exact same spot. their lights would blink on and off at random times. it was by the fifth one that they started to take different paths. they would rise up and rise down a bit and then up and then zoom to the right or left. they started turning off their lights and i could see a black/grey oval looking object. one of them turned off it’s lights fully for about 5 seconds and appeared to be free falling or falling like a leaf because it would tilt side to side while going down, then it turned on it’s lights a little bit and started rising again. another one turned off it’s lights fully for about 30-40 seconds and i could clearly see a black/grey oval object, it kind of looked like a hockey puck to me. it was flying lower than an airplane, it must of been about 4-10 miles high. it was probably about 15-30 miles away from me. it looked as if it was hovering and i could see it rotating in different directions as it was moving. it was moving very freely and would change directions randomly. sometimes it would stay stationary, but only for a few seconds. it was huge, it was bigger than an airplane that’s for sure. it appeared as if it was wavy or bendy, i don’t really know how to explain it. it looked unreal i couldn’t believe what i was looking at, i was astonished. i lost sight of it because a tree was blocking my view and i couldn’t see where it went, it’s as if it vanished. although some took different paths they all ended up disappearing high into the sky in the same exact spot. in total i saw 8 ufos. it lasted about 20 minutes. it finished at exactly 10:00pm. there were 5 other witnesses with me.

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