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UFO Sighting in Manheim, Pennsylvania on 2018-10-23 11:00:00 - Observed 2 silvery-white objects high in sky (over 2 miles) moving slowly west
My co-worker and i observed a silvery-white object high in the sky (over two miles) while we were looking north. it appeared to hover then slowly traveled west until it was out of sight after about 15-20 minutes. we were able to get a picture of it with a cell phone camera and upon reviewing the pic discovered a second similar object following behind it. there were no sounds or contrails to indicate it was a plane or other earth-based object. initial reaction was that it was a drone or helicopter but determined it was too high in sky. we both believe we witnessed something extraterrestrial in the sky today. i have attached pictures of the objects with original aspect ratio as well as ones that are zoomed in on the objects. the shape of the objects do not look like any known earth-based aircraft. we used a tool on the camera phone to circle the objects.

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