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I was a military police assignment to a classified base in mcconnelsville, ohio on mp guard duty speaking with a deputy sheriff at the gate when we both observed red green blue white lights in the sky they were moving fast back and forth. i filed a mp police report and the next day i was asked to drive into the city and meet with officers both were cols at a undisclosed location, i believe that it was a county office, while there i was asked to explain what has happened that night, after my explanation, i was informed never to discuss this with my command, friends or family members. i was the only one who had a security clearance for the location so i was the only one who could work the area. this was prior to desert storm, i recall guarding highly classified items that were going to be utilized. what's weird is the dates don't add up, the day i feel it happen and the actual day – because of the gear was for dessert storm and i didn't graduate from the ohio police academy until 1992 – i know this happened, i seen it, the deputy with me seen it as well. also the girl i meet was a attorney aid and i was a cop at put in bay assignment to 323mp national guard, ohio unit and i know we return from desert storm in july 91 so my question is how is this stuff i am guarding for desert storm gear. as if i brainwashed on dates, times, but recall the exact event. i am afraid of what i saw and what i tell you, but this did happen.

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