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UFO Sighting in Meridian, Mississippi on 2018-09-13 01:46:00 - Fast moving object of light blueish color flew straight lasting around 3 seconds.
This footage was shot via a mavic 2 pro dji drone at 1:46 am on september 13, 2018. it was shot in 4k 30fps in dlog-m.

i was flying my mavic 2 pro getting some nighttime shots of the city of meridian, ms while standing in a sam's club parking lot along with my visual observer that was maintaining visual contact of the drone. after taking several images, i began shooting a 4k video on my approach back to it's launching point. in the footage, you will see the drone starting to pan left showing the shopping center and bonita lakes mall in the background. at the :18 second mark of this clip, a light blueish to white color object suddenly appears from behind the bonita lakes mall for a couple of seconds while moving easterly at a fast pace in a straight line. it disappears at a point almost over the bonita lake area. during the drone flight, neither i or my visual observer noticed this object until i returned home and reviewed the footage. my initial reaction after seeing the object in my footage was one of wonder, excitement and fascination as this is the first time i ever caught an unknown flying object on video.
the specific frame that the object first appears is at 18:03 (seconds:frames) and looks like it is behind some trees just south of the bonita lakes mall. you will be able to see this object moving in a relatively straight line passing, from what seems, a line a trees then emerging from the trees becoming quite clear. after my frame-by-frame analysis at 400% zoom, at 19:05 (seconds:frames) i can make out a shape that resembles a dome-like structure on top of this object. i am at a loss of words when trying to explain this footage when simply seeing an object like this but with the additional visual evidence of the object flying behind trees and then in front of them, just blows my mind.

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