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It was a crystal clear night and i was outside with my 20×80 astronomical binoculars, observing jupiter and saturn. i took a break from the binoculars to look at the stars with my naked eyes. i noticed a bright star in the sw section of the sky, at about the 2 o'clock position. it was brighter and larger than most other stars, but dimmer and smaller than jupiter and saturn. i took notice that it was fairly bright, but paid no mind. i'm new to astronomy and i wish i knew the night sky better, because i believe i would've known that there is no prominent star in that position at that date and time. anyway, i continued to scan that section of sky for about a minute when poof, the bright light disappeared as if someone turned off a light switch. that immediately caught my attention. perhaps it was a single, stray cloud? i repositioned my binoculars to look at the area and there were no clouds obscuring anything. then i grabbed my phone that has a sky map app and to my surprise, revealed that there are no stars or planets where i saw the light. not the most dramatic sighting, but strange nonetheless.

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