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UFO Sighting in Mississippi on 2018-10-30 00:00:00 - A yellowish orange light ball hovering just above trees tops about 80 to 100 feet above field behind my house the objects moved very smoothly up and down left and right every couple minutes but mostly remained in general area of sighting
Was letting out one of the dogs to go to the bathroom at 12 am while outside waiting on the dog i was smoking a cigarette and looking up at the sky and noticed a light hovering near the field behind my house after watching it move slightly for a few minutes i went inside and watched the object from kitchen window for about 30 minutes it moved around slightly as if to keep altitude but was still in the same area didn't deviate more then a few feet from where i first saw the object so i got my mother up to come see what i was seeing and she noticed the object was moving also after about 30 minutes from 12am i left the window which was facing southwest and the object was still there.

UFO Sighting in Slidell, Louisiana on 2018-05-31 00:00:00 - Observed small disc with smoke contrails coming out of rear of each side
I was driving a car on pontchartrain blvd in slidell, la on a clear day with no clouds. to my left, very low in the sky, was a small metallic gray disc. coming from the rear on each side were what looked like the smoke contrails left by a jet forming the shape of a football, meeting at the rear. it was hovering over my destination as if it were waiting for me. i pulled over for a better look, and it had vanished, smoke and all.

in late june 2016, i awoke one morning and discovered five thin horizontal scratches each about four inches long on my right hip. my wife and i tried our best to understand how i got them. about three weeks later, again overnight, five more almost identical scratches appeared on my left hip. since the first of these, they have healed somewhat, but never disappeared. they heal to become scars, then appear to be freshly scratched, always overnight. the latest one appeared about three weeks ago on my left hip. all of these scratches appear under the covering of my underwear. i am curious to find out if you have ever heard of this sort of thing and if you think they could in any way be related to the sightings that i have had in my lifetime.

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