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UFO Sighting in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on 2016-07-30 11:02:00 - I saw a bright light appear, a beam of light came down from object then while descending the object itself got dimmer as it decended
On the evening of july 29th of 2016 approximately 11pm i came outside on my back porch to smoke a cigar. shortly after getting outside and gazing at the stars as i usually do i noticed a bright light appear to the east. when it appeared it was really bright then a beam of light seemed to come from the bottom of the object like a spot light shining straight down to the ground below. it sat there for maybe 10 seconds then it started to decend,while it decended the light of the object as well as the beam of light started to get dimmer until it was out of my sight. it seemed to be happening just outside of the city to the east. (the video i have attached is from the very next day just before lunch). the next day on the 30th of july i was on the same back porch waiting for my wife to return from the grocerie store. i looked up to the east in the same approximate area that i witnessed the object the night before and saw what at first i thought was a plane flying at a very low altitude, but i soon noticed that the object clearly had now wings and made no noise whatsoever. i was looking at your stereotypical flying saucer shaped ufo. my thoughts soon turned to my cell phone, which i grabbed off the patio table and started recording. the object was on a direct west bound path but started heading in a northwest direction when i started to run towards it to star filming. after i lost sight of the object in the trees i immediately stopped recording to see if i got the recording and how well the quality of the video was. after reviewing it i was extremely excited to have gotten such footage. at the 6 to 7 second mark on the video i paused the video and enlarged the area of the object and was looking at what appears to be a saucer shaped disc type ufo!

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