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UFO Sighting in Moscow, Idaho on 2017-03-16 00:00:00 - Trash can shaped object flew over yard at high altitude
I was doing paperwork at a table near a wind and i looked outside and saw a trash can shaped object flew across my field of vision.

Black Triangle Sighting in Cape May, New Jersey on 2016-08-14 21:02:00 - My wife and i caught this ufo on my cell phone camera from my rental unit in cape may, new jersey.
I have a bunch of still photos and also videos of a storm off shore in cape may, new jersey that are interesting. my adult daughter was jogging on the beach and noticed some weird things going on with regard to that storm, and phoned me. my wife and i stepped out on the balcony of our vacation rental unit and checked out the night sky and caught on my cell phone video camera something that appeared to be 3 lights in a triangular formation, with a single flying light not far behind it. i had always meant to do something with these photos and videos which were saved only on my cell phone. i had a recent incident in which the charging port on my phone had broken and i was considering buying a new cell phone. not wanting to lose these 2016 videos and photo images, i learned how to upload them to a drop box, and then create a link. i have no idea what this thing was but thought it made sense to put my digital evidence in the hands of professionals. let's start with the primary video of interest and if it seems as interesting and inexplicable to you as it does to me, give me a call. i don't know how to create a file from the drop box link, but i can provide the actual link for the one video as follows:


UFO Sighting in Algoma, Wisconsin on 2018-11-29 21:30:00 - What seemed to be fireworks, turned out to be a questionable object in the sky.
Thought it was fireworks, came out of nowhere. i was sitting in my room but the lights stayed in the air, not fading. suddenly everything got silent. there was no wind. silence. i watched it for a good 15 minutes and the lights soon started to slowly fall back down to the ground. i never watched them touch the ground.. i just remember them fading the closer they got to the ground.

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