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UFO Sighting in Nampa, Idaho on 2018-10-19 15:55:00 - While i was driving west ,three objects at 10 o'clock from me emitting light in afternoon sky.
I was driving west on amity road approaching nampa at 4pm on the afternoon of october 18, 2018. the sky was clear, the temp was in the high 60's. there were no discernible aircraft in the immediate area.

i noticed three thin, exceedingly bright objects to my 10:00 at about 30 degrees above the horizon. that would have put them above the snake river off of highway 78 and the givens hot springs area. of course that is a best guess.

the objects appeared to be motionless. i thought at first glance that they might be us air force fighters based nearby but us military aircraft do not reflect bright light as they have dull paint schemes. these objects were not reflecting light, they were emitting it.

these were not landing lights. landing lights are round, single source and separated from the others. i am familiar with aircraft. these were as bright as led lights or brighter and appeared to be coming from a single, uninterrupted source. the emittance was about 10 or more times as wide as tall. i could not make out any other part of the objects. that is what ought my attention. i have never observed any such light as bright as that, in broad daylight and from what appeared to be such a long distance.

the three were flying in line abreast, close formation. the one on the right blinked out first then the other two.

UFO Sighting in Marion, South Carolina on 2009-01-28 22:00:00 - Observed bright orange star in sky. never seen before. it was moving, stopped , descended just above cow pasture. undetermined time. took off fast really fast. no sound. it was a metal ball shape inside a red-orange forcefield type glow
Was visiting my grandmother at her home in marion sc. appr. 9:45 p.M. stepped outside to smoke. while looking southerly i noticed a real bright orange star, i knew i had never seen before. it was very far off and looked exactly like star in sky. took a couple hits off my cig. and looked back, realising that the orange star was slowly moving in upper atmosphere. i continued to observe the object for appr. i'll say 5 minutes until the object was in a slight northerly position from me. the object that i was observing then suddenly stopped at very high altitude. that's when i really knew it must be ufo because i had appr. 2.5 yrs. earlier gotten out of the navy in aviation field and i knew it was no helo.(too high) i then considered going to the door to alert family in house but i didn't want to miss seeing the object. (strange feeling inside me , i was drawn to it,) looked at door second time, same feeling came over me, so, i turned back to the sky and the object was gone. i thought it had left, i turned slightly to my left raising cig. and to my astonishment, the ufo was hovering, silently appr. 10-15 ft. above a cow pasture appr. 40 yards in front of me after i turned. do not recall exactly how long it was there but i did get a very close detailed look. the outer orange glow was i'm assuming some sort of forcefield? it was moving around like small ripples on a still water with a slight breeze, when the ripples touched they would send a small amount of substance into air then it dropped back into the field. inside was a perfectly smooth round metal sphere. unknown amount of time later i noticed a black object about midway in the sphere slowly turning towards me, it kept turning until i observed two black objects that moved that's when i knew they were heads. not sure what to do i raised my hand into the air trying to strike a pose like the nazca line human shape. very, very shortly after i believe i was noticed, it was like the metal sphere jumped backward out of theorange forcefield substance for about a portion of a second, then in the blink of an eye shot off into outer space. the orange substance made a trail from the starting point all theway into space then the spot in cow field took off with the rest of substance and that was that.

UFO Sighting in Carrollton, Georgia on 2018-10-11 18:24:00 - Spotted a very shiny object in sky moving very rapidly
we live next to a small airport and see planes flying over us daily, so this object was like none that i have seen before. i was playing in our pasture with my dog and a small piper plane was flying over us at a low level so i looked up and then noticed above that plane a very shiny object moving extremely fast. what caught my eye was how reflective it was and how fast it was going. i see jets fly over from the atlanta airport daily but never any object like this. there was no sound coing from it like jets make. i grabbed my iphone and started recording it. in the video it appears to go back and forth and it is very far away but disappears rapidly in the skyline. the object moves behind the trees and i lost sight of it.

this is not my first time seeing strange things in my pasture so i do believe the airport is some kind of attraction that draws them. i was proud for once i got some proof on video.

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