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My wife stopped to watch a fireworks display the new boston ohio approximately 10 15 as the display what on i noticed a green light that was above the display and i looked i could see every hill clearly so i knew it wasn't any kind of tower the greenlight would expand and then contract and when it was contracted it would turn into a red light that would do the same thing expanded contract into the green light almost like one side was green and one side was red and it was spinning i asked my wife do you see that and she said what i said they're above the fireworks as they were going off they would illuminate the sky so this craft was high enough out of the path of the fireworks exploding but it maintained at the altitude never wavering flashing green to red green to red green and red as i got my phone out to try to videotape it and my wife did to the flash of the fireworks wouldn't allow us to pick it up so i asked another couple i said do you see that up there above the fireworks and when i did that it was gone never saw it again.

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