UFO sighting in Philadelphia 9/13/12!!!


UFO Sighting Philadelphia 7-25-2014

UFO Sighting Philadelphia 7-25-2014. Now this is incredible UFO footage. Thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!!

Is this proof of a UFO in Philadelphia?

The truth is out there, and maybe this video shows something we can't exactly explain: an unidentified flying object over Philadelphia.

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UFO Sighting in New Philadelphia, Ohio on 2018-09-08 18:30:00 - A big storme was starting, greay clouds swirling, round light appeared out of cloud stayed in one spot for a few seconds then took off and disappeared
I was looking out my back door and letting my dogs outside. there was a storm starting and the clouds were moving very fast and swirling around like nothing i had ever seen before. i called my kids to come see. a round light appeared in the clouds. it was not moving at first then suddenly zig zagged and went stright very fast then disappeared suddenly. the whole sighting was very short. it appeared to be something unnatural. my kids did not come quickly enough to see it.
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