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I could not complete many of the questions as i do not know the answers.- i am 77+ years old and i am reporting 2 sightings that occurred in apx 1954 and 1956-57.
my father was military (officer us navy). the first sighting occurred and was witnessed by my mother and myself after dark in newport rhode island. we were looking up at the stars and saw a tear shaped object ,which to my memory was glowing red, moving somewhat slowly across the sky. we thought it must be a meteor, but then after it had traveled a distance across the sky, it suddenly shot straight up at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared. - -
my mother called the naval base and reported it and we talked about the strangeness of it on and off. - then in abt 1956, my father, knowing about our sighting and interest, brought home a telegram from the naval western sea frontier (san francisco) where he worked with the joint chief of staff as the naval representative to the cia. he had top secret clearance and told me not to say anything about this to anyone, the telegram told of a sighting of a ufo flying into the (i believe pacific) ocean and gave the latitude and longitude, - then he told me they received 2 to 3 sightings like this one with the same latitude and the same longitude a week.
to me this was very interesting and i kept this to myself for years.

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