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Back in the summer of 1964 i was in the back yard in a chair watching the ice cream freezer. i heard a humming sound and i looked up the hill towards where the stokes lived and saw a dull grey flying disk hovering over where the stokes lived. i remember thinking i hope that thing wasn't bothering them. i wanted to call out to my parents who were in the house but i was unable too. i seemed to be frozen in place.Im watching this thing and i was about scared out of my wits. next thing i knew i was tingling all over and i went to sleep, which was something i never did in daylight.I awoke sometime later and the icecream freezer had stopped churning. i didn't mention anything to anyone. was afraid to. couple of days later i found a spot in the woods where a large area of small trees were flattened on the ground like something just landed on top of them and flattened them on the ground. the rest of the time we lived there , ( till 1967) nothing ever grew back in this area.Not sure if it was connected to the sighting.

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