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UFO Sighting in Ocean City, Maryland on 2018-10-30 22:35:00 - Bright light about 1 mile away. watched for over 10 minutes.Then blinked out. not to return.
My friend and i were looking out her balcony around 10:35pm oct 30 2018. we saw a bright light about 30 degrees above the horizon not moving at all. we saw no blinking lights. the object was much brighter then any stars or lights in the sky. we saw an airplane high in the sky and this object was no airplane!! we observed the object for about 10 minutes with no movement at all. all of a sudden it blinked out. we continued to look at the night sky for about 10 minutes or so. the object never appeared again. very strange!!

UFO Sighting in Missouri on 2018-10-30 20:30:00 - Heard a strong wind and looked outside to see a disk shaped object emmiting a white light hovering by the trees. after it was gone there was no longer any wind or noise,
it was around 8:30 pm when i was sitting in my room, writing an essay and listening to music on low volume. i suddenly hear a strong wind outside. after around 30 seconds of hearing the noise, i open the curtain and look outside and see the treetops slightly moving. i look around some more and then see a dim light by one of the trees. i thought it was a small tornado so i slightly open the wind to feel the wind but it wasn't strong. i look back to the place of the light and see a hovering disk with a hula hoop shaped glow on the bottom. i forgot what color the glowing part was but there was also the white light that i mentioned earlier. the bottom of the disc emitted a white light. the disk appeared to be going to the north and as it was going it would disappear then appear again. the glow would disappear as well but the white light was still there. there might have been 10 seconds between them but i'm not sure. when i first saw this i kept staring at it until i realized i needed to take a video. i took my phone and set it on video expecting the disk to appear again but unfortunately, it didn't. after it was gone there was no more noise and the treetops stopped moving. i kept looking back to see if it came back but it never did.

UFO Sighting in Lethbridge, Alberta on 2018-10-29 07:28:00 - Refer to video just a white light traveling swxse
i was in the back of the house when i noticed the light moving slowly across the morning sky. it's not the iss i checked where it was at that time.I have seen this light before in the same flight peth.

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