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My niece was married sept 14 2019 at the dock of ocean city brothers home about one oclock on a clock were 3 lights lined up in the sky then 4th lined up it was over mile away in front of his house 38 bay ave ocean city we all watched from the dock those that saw it at his daughters wedding was aprox 10 night or later then the 4th light lined up almost was like orions belst but inch apart in sky then the 4th light came then a blink and no lights then behind it was burst of fire works that was not continuous but a burst i did not see the lights have sound not color only white nor did the lights arc or have any manovers other hanging in the sky equally level in spacing after the 4th came was blink and no lights gone then a burst of fire works behind it the wedding photograper even was taking pictures or video i forget which. but i did not get cell photos was fast but he did. was it ufo drone or military maneuver that i do not know was fast but at least 3 to 5 minutes long enough to observe. not all at the reception saw but sure was over 15 people or more then the man at the motel econo motel the janitor was at the bus stop watchign with police so what was this? mans name is tim at the econo motel he worked there he spoke about it it is accross from the wawa in ocean city but his photo on cell looks like equal sign was not how they appeared in sky they all perfectly aligned 3 then 4 lights hovered not moving but i say good 3 miles at aobut 1 to 2 oclock on a clock did not under stand the burst of fire works so question if was military maneuver.

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