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Went outside for last smoke of the night. sky was very clear towards the north, was looking for big dipper and acknowledging that it was too late to see. caught a bit of motion on the n-ne horizon and made direct visual of a large v or boomerang like craft traveling fast, but not too fast to observe for 5-7 seconds as it flew in a direct path towards the southern horizon. i lost visual as the sky lightened up towards the south. i did not hear a sound as it seemed to glide. no lights on the craft. thought about offutt and possible drone sighting, but the large boomerang shape does not resemble anything i've heard of. really could not determine the size as i could not judge the altitude well, but it had to be at least 500-1000 feet and traveling quite quickly to cover the visible sky as fast as it did. i am logical but can't put this together, a bit scared, a bit in awe, a bit skeptical, but a 100% that this was abnormal as i have never been the type to google ufo reporting.

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