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UFO Sighting in Palm, PA, Pennsylvania on 2018-09-24 12:52:00 - I photograph clouds. stopped on way to post office and shot some images. it appears in only one image though i have others of the same direction.
I was simply on my way to the post office and i take my dslr with me wherever i go. i stopped near a large open field and began shooting images, and then while reviewing them on my laptop i found the object in the distance, barely visible, so i zoomed in and damned if i didn't capture what appears to be an actual ufo. i shot other images in that same direction and none of them show the object. i don't know what's going on up there but there's certainly something.

note to mufon - you will need to zoom in to see the object. it's near the center of the image. taken with a new model nikon dslr with 18-300mm nikkor lens. whatever that is, it's clearly off in the distance.

UFO Sighting in Simi Valley, California on 2018-09-24 19:35:00 - Two star like objects that we’re together they go to brighter and both disappeared together
My family’ was traveling in our local neighborhood at apx. 7:25 pm. we had been marveling at the full moon. we were nearing our home traveling east when i noticed two very bright star like objects about 4-5 degrees apart about 20-25 degrees above in the south west sky. i immediately said to my and two kids who are 7 and 8 years old.
look at those two bright stars together or what i thought were planets, as they were that bright. they immediately saw them and were commenting too as where did they just appear from. we made a right hand turn on our street and proceeded to drive a block and a half and the lights were still clearly visible. we all noticed one on the right side was getting brighter which we thought wow how unusual, what were we seeing?? we pulled up in front of our house and i was parking my vehicle and said to my family are they getting smaller and at that time both lights simultaneously got smaller and smaller until there was no visible light at all. this was all witnessed by all four of us and i would say five of us but my youngest daughter is 3 and i doubt she understands what we saw. but my wife, 8 year old daughter and 7 year old son all saw this clearly. the event finished approximately at 7:35pm. the planet/ star like objects were bright white in color same as any planet, one got a lot brighter just before it seemed to travel away from the earth. you could tell the objects got smaller because they were moving what seemed to be away from the earth.

we cannot say what these two objects were! they were definitely very high in the atomosphere and not in our immediate area. we are truly baffling and in awe.

UFO Sighting in Livonia, Michigan on 2018-09-23 19:30:00 - 2 black flashing objects hovering in sky like stars moving back and fourth slowly glowing before disaapearing while sun was out
I was with my father driving back from detroit on i96 and schoolcraft road when planes in the air were flying normallly but two greyish black circle like objects were in the sky . they moved left and right very slightly but hovering like i’d say moving only about 5 left and right thouhtoit the 30 seconds but it off and on glowed like a star whole the sun was out . it was unlike anything and no weather balloon and no plane/helicopter no nothing could explain it . it then after 30 seconds vanished just bloop gone . my dad and i were in shock my it was very much a ufo .

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