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On this night i was out with a friend after work and we were exploring night photography with our new slr cameras we had gotten which were nikon d90,s.(we aren't pro photographers) . we chose the area of the philadelphia art museum because of the lighting and various things to photograph . on that night there were no out of the ordinary things that happened except for the unusual formation of the clouds which i had never really seen before and the moon had seem a bit more bright that night. toward the end of our time at the location which seem to be around 2 hrs we were in the rear of the art museum . (i personally did not witness the subject in question and i did not discover it until i uploaded the photos onto my computer. ) i was just taking pictures on the sky and the because the way the sky was looking and that,s how i took the picture of what i believe is a ufo. the object seems to have a glow to it and it just happens to be in the shape of other reported typical flying saucer. the object also seems to move to the left and shoot up vertically into the sky. i'm unaware of any capable aircraft that can maneuver is such a way. i will include the original picture untouched photo file as well as a few edit i have done just to verify what i believe the movement the object took. while reviewing the files to submit i found another photo file number dsc_0074 to have an unusual array of lights what appears to be some other kind of craft . possibly a mother ship ? i have also included the original as well as an edit i did to highlight the object for further inspection. note the this second photo was actually take earlier and in the front of the art museum around 10 pm the same day.

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