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I went out into the back yard to clip my nails. i looked up in the sky because there is a meteor shower happening. i saw (what i believe to be) a meteor shoot past from north/northwest towards south/southeast. approximately 1 minute later, i observed what i had thought was another meteor, however this was much brighter, and was changing direction. i noticed what appeared to be 2 seperate lights on the outside of the craft/object. i knew immediately that i was seeing something that was not conventional aircraft, nor drone. it would stop in place and just hover, then move up, down, anywhere. making impossible turns and manuevers. i tried to get my fiancee to come outside, but she said that she didn't hear me knocking on the window or shouting for her to come outside. i also called for my stepson (age 12) to come outside, however he too either did not/could not hear me. it's very possible that he simply fell asleep, but my fiancee most definately should have heard me. i took out my phone and tried to record. after i was able to find it in the viewfinder via zoom, i found it. it flew around, and then in an instant…It vanished. i waited some time to see if it was just behind a cloud or something…It was not. it literally disapeared.

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