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We were walking north along the road lined with street light when my wife seen a reflection in a car window of a bright light ball coming up behind us and she grabbed my arm thats when i looked up as i looked up the street got extremely bright behind us then right above us as the light traveled at a solid speed to the left of us up above the houses as it flew by it produced a bright light that for being on a street with street lights sure was bright. it had a tail of light behind it that dimed as the tail ended it got about 20-30 feet in front of us and it started to fizz out almost as it stopped mid air kinda it flashed a bright white then orange then blue before blinking out as it went from a stopped position to moving towards the ground the it was gone about 5 min later we heard a very odd thud sound kinda muffled just up from us roughly in the area we last seen the light we didnt investigate seeing we were the only ones out and its a small town there isnt a soul out past 9 seeing it was 3 am we didnt want to go at it amd investigate any farther without anyones knowledge just incase you never know what it could of been. im a firm believer in extraterrestrial life and have seen other things in the past.I have apps that track all rocket lunchs and the iss the iss wasnt above our location at the time and canada doesnt launch rocket into space at least none im aware of anywhere near our location. it was definitely something we have never seem before around here or anywhere for that matter.

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