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I was sitting on a third floor beachside hotel balcony at night with my father looking south at the ocean. a fireball suddenly appeared in a west- east heading parallel to the coast. it came across our field of sight in 1 or 2 seconds before sharply executing a 90 degree turn, no change of speed observed, toward the north, behind the building and out of sight. we quickly went downstairs towards the front of the building to face north and look for the object. we saw nothing more but we came across 5 or more people who also witnessed the same thing also looking for the object. my fatherâ´s explanation was that it was a "comet" and i never questioned him( i was just a kid) until many years later that i actually saw 2 comets (comet hyakutake in 96 and hale-bopp in 97), meteors, and some reading of my own, that i realized that it wasn't any of that. and ever since then iâ´ve had this nagging question in my head as to what exactly did we see. and thatâ´s what brought me to this website.

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