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UFO Sighting in Randallstown, Maryland on 2001-04-30 00:00:00 - Did the ufo mask itself as a tornado or did the tornado mask itself as a ufo?
On the last few days of my senior year in hs, my mom took my classmate, my sister and i out to dinner. one tte way back home we took a street that overlooked the baltimore skyline but way off in the distance, about 15-20 miles, nowhere near close enough to be in any decent detail. this was in may of 2001 in baltimore, maryland around 7:00pm. so it was dark and this road was not well lit but i could make out the skyline and the city lights perfectly when i shouted out, “what is that????” there appeared to be a tornado hovering over our city! what’s more strange is that spotlights seemed to be poised around it, there was no debris cloud and no reports of tornadoes in the news that night.
when i pointed it out, everyone immediately noticed it and agreed it looked like a tornado, i even got out the car to go as close to the shoulder of the road to see, we stayed for a good 15 minutes.
i have seen a lot of unusual things in my time and out of all of them, i’d like to know what that was the most!!
ps: my mom and sister still do remember this event (from time to time)

UFO Sighting in Chester, Pennsylvania on 2018-11-19 00:00:00 - A photo of the night sky revealed something like an energy force
On nov 19 2018 @ 12:54am in north wales u.K,the sky was unusually clear and one particular star was very very bright and looked to be changing colour and shape from a cube to a triangle, i decided i would take a photo with my dslr to upload to my laptop in the morning. the next morning i enhanced the photo by only adjusting the brightness and contrast etc and here are the results. photo 1 is straight out of the camera, 2 is enhanced as for mentioned, 3 is a crop and 4 is zoomed in on that crop.

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