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While fishing shortly after sunset my buddy and i witnessed 5 red orbs in the sky north of our position. these red orbs sat perfectly still for several minutes then started to move position. their movements were erratic and sudden circling each other, and their positions moving up and down as well as side to side. but never getting closer or farther away. we lived near ellsworth afb and so we thought of helicopters. however, aircraft have a red and a green set of lights. this had red only. further, there was no sound, the stealth helicopters of today did not exist when this sighting took place. the most damning information was sound, there was none, none, not frogs croaking, or crickets chirping, the wind was blowing at about 4 knots and that abruptly quit completely. prior to the sighting the frogs and crickets were lively and our fishing lights had attracted a thick layer of bugs even with the wind. when we spotted the red orbs as i said the wind instantly stopped and all the frogs and crickets became quiet but the bugs from our lights also diapered. we watched the red orbs move about the sky for 20 minutes and then disappear. the very second they disappeared the wind stated again from the same direction and speed; and the frogs and crickets went back to making noise, also the bugs returned to our lights. i don't know what we saw but i don't know of anything man made that can affect the weather and the fauna of the area as this did, or move at the angles or speed we viewed.

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