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Have seen the same pair of ufos on the nights of friday, march 15th, sunday, march 17th and monday, march 18. both are always near the same location and around the same time, which seems to be from about 11 p.M. to after 12:30 a.M.

at first glance i thought they were stars twinkling, but soon realized that wasn't possible as both were too wide, oddly shaped and flashing various colors

have been visiting my mother in my hometown of redlands for the last several weeks. on the aforementioned nights i spotted the vessels from her backyard. the first craft seemed to be about 75 feet off the ground and hovering near the intersection of tennessee st. and barton road.

the other seemed to hover at about the same altitude over the arrowhead christian academy, which is at the intersection of pine ave. and tennessee st.

with the naked eye, both appeared as imperfect inverted triangles that flashed red, blue, green and white lights. when seen thru binoculars the crafts changed shapes - from what looked like a giant, electric jellyfish, to a half circle, to a full circle with pulsating and rotating lights.

both were silent. the one on my left would leave and go further west and out of my view usually between 12:30 and 12:40 a.M. the other to my right normally stayed in its position longer. on that monday, march 18th it hovered in the same spot until about 1:50 a.M. before heading further west.

all three nights were crystal clear. did not see them on the nights of march 19th, 20th and 21st. we had cloud cover and rain on those nights.

with only an average cell phone camera, the quality would not have been sufficient to show enough detail of them.

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