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I witnessed what i first thought was 2 aircraft passing from my left to my right. i noticed both craft had very bright red strobing lights. thats when i noticed there was no sound. it appeared to be 2 craft flying in pattern separated in a 1 oclock and 8 oclock position. both had only red lights. no green or white lights like most aircraft have. i continued to focus directly on both craft. the strobing would alternate between each craft. this was a rythmic sequence. one would blink then the other would blink. this pattern of flight and blinking was constant throughout the event. i was unable to detect any structure. the lights were positioned as if they were level side to side like on the tips of wings. however i was unable to see wings. as the two craft passed from the east horizon on my left over head and on to the southwest horizon the trailing craft lights then seemed to change. instead of just lights on the left and right the lights appeared to be in a trianlge shape. two side by side and one on top. i believe this was the trailing craft. it seemed the lead craft still had lights on the left and right but none on top. because the trailing craft lights seemed to change i thought it was banking to the right….Thats when i noticed the 3 red triangular shape to the light pattern. i realized the craft was not banking but contiuing straight ahead following the lead craft. they continued in this pattern as they disappeared over the mountains to the southwest and out of sight.Throughout this event there was never a sound of any sort. adn one more thing, i was watching these two craft flying level and in a straight course and observed them as they flew directly across the landing path of an aircraft landing at reno international airport. if these were military or civilian aircraft i've never seen one with just red lights. its not in my memory at all where i've seen aircraft without white and green lights. the weather was basically clear. some high clouds but none in the path of this event. these lights stood out clearly against the dark clear sky. if i can answer any other questions please feel free to contact me.

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