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While driving from chesterfield to short pump virginia along 288 north. i witnessed a blue, green and white pulsating light hovering. i could vaguely see the shape. almost like a bullet shape i’m not positive. then it started moving fast yet gracefully across the sky changing direction. i pulled my iphone 6 plus (so you know the camera used) out as fast as i could to record as i came along the bridge. trying my best to record this light while driving. i looked to the right of the bridge where the first object was heading. and over the water and i saw about 3-4 more of the same objects in the distance. they had the same lights and flashing patterns. they were at a much lower elevation than the first object. if i had to guess they were about 300 feet or less above the river. i wanted to stay to record longer but there was too much traffic to safely stop.

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