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September 2008 me & the mother of my oldest daughter left a friends house in rixeyville va going to fauquer co. she was then pregnant. we left at 12:30 am it normally took 10 to 15 min to get home. shortly after we left to go home in the car i saw a bright orangish glow ive never seen before in the rearview mirror i then turned my head all the way around & next thing we knew we came to still with the car in motion. we looked at eac other & said what happend. i then looked at the clock. it was 3:30 am.
a 3 hour time difference. the next night i had verry detailed dream that was more than a dream. i was in a room with humanlike beeings screaming at them they have to take me back im having a child.My daugter was born the next month with a condition to one of her hands called syndactyly where her pinky & index finger were fused togeather then a little webbing & her middle finger & pointer finger were fused & a functioning thumb.But missing her middle knuckles. i reported this to m.U.F.O.N. around 2014 they contacted me but did not help. the person i spoke with just told me story & who she had met she spoke for hours. recently i desided to seek out help to gain more knowledge of my experience. i reached out to someone who was retired from the ministry of defense. he suggested that i try again. i hope i am more succesful in getting assistance.

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