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UFO Sighting in Rome City, Indiana on 2018-09-17 20:35:00 - Observed white star-like object that vanished with no sound. not a star, planet or plane.
My daughter and i saw what we believe was a genuine ufo tonight.

i was helping her do a school assignment of mapping the night time sky. we went out just after sunset, at around 8:30 pm edt, with a perfectly cloudless sky (except for some low haze close on the horizon) and a full view of the southern and western sky.

we quickly spotted venus low in the southwestern sky, then jupiter to the west of venus, then saturn and mars, with the half-full moon just above and to the left of saturn. i showed her the arm of the big dipper, and how you could follow the "arc" of the arm to arcturus, one of the brightest non-planetary stars in the sky.

but there was an additional bright star in the sky, easily as bright as jupiter and brighter than arcturus, below the big dipper in what would normally be a section of sky which shouldn't have had any bright objects in it. i knew it wasn't any of the visible planets, and it wasn't a plane or helicopter (no flashing lights, and it was completely stationary). we looked at it a while, and i then turned to my iphone to find a sky chart for tonight's sky. we both looked up and noticed several commercial jets flying east to west overhead, with clearly visible flashing lights.

but less than five minutes later, when i looked back to make sure of exactly where this mystery object was, it had vanished. i knew where it was, as it sat a good hand-and-a-half above the horizon, in the west-northwest sky, and with arcturus and jupiter had formed an almost perfect isosceles triangle, with its longest side at the bottom, parallel to the horizon.

that bright object had just disappeared. it could not have transited the sky to anywhere, it certainly could not have set in less than half an hour, and it clearly wasn't any normal terrestrial object. we studied the sky in that area for some time, and could clearly see other very dim stars in that region, so it could not have been hidden by clouds (the rest of the sky was brightly illuminated by stars and planets).

funny thing: when we had seen one of the jets going overhead earlier, my daughter looked away, then looked back and said, "not a ufo. they only go out when you look away."

i guess this one was trying to prove her right.

UFO Sighting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado on 2018-09-17 21:42:00 - This object was about 200-300 ' up and done shaped top with lights on the bottom only moved several directions made no noise and then it disappeared
I was in my back yard with my dogs and noticed the object because it's 3 lights faced straight down. it had a dome/cylinder shaped top with flat bottom and the flat bottom is where the lights were. it was so low that that is what first caught my attention. then i realized it made no sound at all. it was way too big to be a drone and too small to be a plane/jet. did not make noise at all so not a helicopter. i watched it fly north east towards denver and then it suddenly switched direction moving up then down. then it just disappeared. although the were clouds in the sky the was nothing right above it or in front of it and i could see it really well because of the denver lights lighting up the sky. it just disappeared. it was one of the scariest experiences and confusing experiences i've ever had.

UFO Sighting in Brampton, Ontario on 2018-09-16 18:15:00 - 13 objects flying in close proximity, two of them emmiting red orange light and rest were white
I was in the backyard with my wife doing some yard work around 6.15 pm on sunday, september 16, 2018 when my wife looked up and notice some unusual objects flying and blinking. she told me to look up. they were flying very close to each other and didn't look like airplanes. they were moving towards north east in a constellation like pattern, all at the same speed. it looked like a whole constellation is moving but it was too bright for the stars to be visible. two of the objects had red-orange light and rest were bright white like stars. i took some pictures with my dslr with 105mm lens. upon zooming, we could see one cigar shape object while rest were just bright dots. all the objects kept moving and got shorter and shorter and finally disappeared in front of eyes.

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