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I dropped my girlfriend off at her fathers house on the neosho river island, south of st. paul, kansas. as i headed east, i crossed the neosho river, and spotted large yellow oval-shaped ufo hovering over a hedgerow situates between pasture land. i was heading east and it began to head west. it filled me full of adrenaline and made me anxious. i wanted to follow it, but i was afraid something bad could happen, or that i would be taken off to some other world, leaving family and friends forever. i slowed to a crawl and watched it approach. as it reached the stop sign at the end of the mile section, it started drifting north toward hwy 47. i watched until i lost sight of it over the hills. it had to have passed over a couple houses and the st. paul country club. it was hovering just above the tree line, and illuminated the trees and pasture. it looked like a yellow tinted low watt light bulb. i continued heading east and made it home. i found out later that my dad has seen a very similar ufo not too far from that location. it is still plain as day, and i have told people close to me about it, but i never really knew who to report it to, or if i should. it was 2003, and tech was just starting to boom, so i was without a camera.

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