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UFO Sighting in San Mateo, California on 2018-11-06 18:00:00 - Bright light in the sky, looked like a star but bigger, hovered for a few minutes or so, then dimmed, and sped off to the other side of the horizon in seconds, where it hovered
I was driving from foster city to sacramento. i look at the sky all the time and the object was very clear in front of me. i thought it might be a plane but i'm familiar with ufos and seem to notice them more than most people who mistake them for stars or planes. because it was just hovering there, it did not appear to be a plane. eventually it dimmed and appeared to take a "plane" form, with red and blue lights, however it quickly sped across the horizon within seconds, way too quickly for a plane, and found a new spot to hover in. i drove as far as i could see it and then it was out of my sight. it was not very exciting so it didn't affect me, just interesting.

UFO Sighting in Independence, New York on 2016-09-23 00:00:00 - With my friend driving up big driveway in warwick ny out of knowwhere a primarily blue but greenish light appeared, non physical, all most 2 dimensional,it was zig zagging back and fourth above us, like it was trying to show itself to us.
This event occurred in whist me and my friend were driving up our large driveway, this was a farmland like area with open space, but as we are driving (his dad was behind us in his car too and they had actually had encounter before and on the same day) but as said we are driving up and out of nowhere a primary blue but greenish light appears, it had no physical properties almost seemed 2 dimensional actually. it had no real shape the closest thing i can discribe is an oval but with no defined sides and the sides are constantly moving. it was zigzagging above us for about 30 seconds. it was purposely doing this 100% for what reason? i don’t know but it had a reason. and then takes off at speeds unimaginable and it’s gone just like that. my friends dad did not see it actually but me and my friend were driving a razor, like a trail riding vehicle. so maybe that says why we could easily see it. i think about this experience almost everyday now wondering why, how and where does this thing exist in the universe, in order to be non physical what were dealing with is something far greater than us, and if i had to pray to something, that’s what i’m going to be praying too.

UFO Sighting in High Point, North Carolina on 2018-11-06 21:02:00 - 4 to 5 lights zoming back and forth then coming together in on light to instantly despersing in totally different directions. some would move as fast as a snap of a fingure across sky.
Saw 4 to five lights zooming right to left then coming together all into one light and then one would split off in the snap of a finger while the other ones circulated almost like dogs chasing each other around in a circle and playing when the one would go very fast it was brighter than the rest but it was so quick it was faster than any plane i've ever seen and then they would all come together in one light and then i'll break apart again and just this matter of a split second it was almost like they were up in the sky just playing

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