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This event took place some years back now and i, one of 5 witnesses, have never reported anything until now.

it was late on 22nd september 1995 and myself and 4 others had been celebrating a friends birthday in reading. at approximately 11.15pm we all got into a single car and drove one of the friends home some 10 miles distant from reading. we passed through a rural village called shurlock row, and one of the guys in the car asked to stop so he could pee. the driver pulled over by a wide metal gate leading into a farmers field. it was dark but not so much that we couldn’t see, and there were lights across the far side of the field from a farm house. i stepped out of the car to have a cigarette and talked a little as my friend emptied his bladder. there was a large tree in front and to our left, and a row of trees distant to the right.

as we chatted a very bright but small red light appeared from behind the tree to our left, and silently moved to a position directly in front of us - maybe 40-45 meters distant and at a height of approximately 15 meters. the light was like a bright led and round shape, the size being approximately that of a match head held at arms length. when the light was directly in front of us it stopped dead and silently hovered there for a few seconds, before quickly moving back to where it had appeared from behind the tree.

“what was that??€� we asked each other. about 10 seconds later the red light appeared again from the same place, made a similar manoeuvre, stopping again in front of us before whizzing back to behind the tree. there was no noise at all from the light.

we stood looking at the tree, wondering if it would appear again. about 30 seconds later it did reappear - again performing the same movement, stopping and hovering, then whizzing back.

now we called out to the others in the car to come and see this weird red light, and 5 of us now stood hoping it would reappear. it did reappear - and back and forth along the same path the red light appeared, hovered, then whizzed back about 8 times in the following 5 minutes. we were all talking now and wondering what this light could be - there seemed no rational explanation. it appeared again - but this time when it stopped in front of us the light split into 4 red lights, of equal brightness, and formed a neat square shape. then, whilst still hovering stationary in front of us, it morphed into a neat 3 point triangle, back to square, then to a single, and whizzed back to behind the tree.

this thing had all of out attentions - there was no explanation.

the red dot appeared again, moving to the same spot, pausing, and again split into 4 lights. this time it appeared to move slowly towards us across the field, and i felt some panic as did we all. it stopped maybe 20 meters in front of us and began cycling through various shapes and rotating. i was staring hard looking for some shape behind the lights, and i could just make out a dark black mass the lights seemed to be attached too.

one of the friends was now joking it was a ufo and was taking pictures of us, that we were going to be on the front page of some martian magazine. i laughed and made a few poses for the camera.

the red light shot off back to it’s hiding place behind the tree - and directly in front of us, just a little to the right, i noticed a particularly bright star high up in the sky. i pointed and somebody joked that this was the mothership.

the star was a peculiar kind of wobbly almost gelatinous yellowy bright light, and as we all looked up at it the light appeared to ‘jump’ and was suddenly the size of a golf ball. then it jumped again, and was the size of a rugby ball - very bright and much lower and closer to us now.

as we stared the light made a final ‘jump’, and was very suddenly a large silvery disc that hovered silently above the field maybe 20 meters high and 50-60 meters in front off us. the disc was about 15 meters across and maybe 4 meters high in the middle, tapering off to around 2-3 meters high at each end, the curved shape looking something like an upside down dessert bowl. there was a row of black ‘window’ shaped running along it, and 3 dome shapes evenly shaped attached to the under side. the left side of the disc seemed brighter than the right, which appeared to be under curious shadow.

the whole disc rotated on the spot slowly anti clockwise, and as it rotated a kind of electric humming noise was emitted. quite suddenly about 4 or 5 of the red lights first seen whizzed in from left and right, and seemed to ‘dock’ with the disc from the underneath. the disc rotated slightly once more and then with a similar mighty jump leapt up into the sky slightly to out left. it stopped again about the rugby ball size for a couple of seconds, and then made another leap up high into the sky to about the size of a pea. at this point many tiny dot sized bright white lights appeared to stream into it from all sides and for a moment it seemed there were hundreds of lights merging into the larger disc. as they merged in the disc moved in a slower but still fast direction up into the sky until finally it and all other lights were gone.

no one had spoken during the whole large disc appearance and its performance, we all just stared open mouthed and silent. no we looked at each other and all babbled the same question - “what the &*&* was that?€�

barely 15 seconds passed before i noticed lights moving toward us along the road. no other car or vehicle of any description had passed the whole time we were there. the lights were from a car, which stopped next to us as we still stood by the side of the road. it was an unusual small box or cube shaped car, and i think it was sky blue in colour. the car stopped and i was just stood closest to it, the passenger side window was already down and there was a single man, the driver, in the car. he wore a white shirt and a black tie, and he leaned slightly over the passenger seat and we blocked eyes.

“you’re alright mate� said the driver, in a strange tone that was more of a statement than a question. my mind was fumbled and i couldn’t think how to reply or what to say. a friend next to me blurted out a scrambled “yes thanks we’re fine, just stretching out legs here…�

i managed to get my thoughts together and i was going to ask this driver if he had seen anything, but before i could he’d just said “good�, we both still locking eyes, the window started to go up and he drove off.

at this point i was not familiar with anything thing like the idea of ‘men in black’, and had never given any thought to the concept of ufo’s - other than perhaps just mocking laughter that they were always seen by whacko’s in redneck america if it had ever come up in conversation.

but this experience was as real as anything could be, and the whole thing witnessed by myself and group of good friends at the time. it shook me up, i was scared over the next few days or even week that there was going to be a repeat performance and that maybe even i would be abducted. i could not rationalise in my mind what had happened and did not dare tell anyone about it for a long time. eventually i told my mother, who understandably seemed alarmed by my sincerity and probably quietly worried for my sanity. even now nearly 25 years later i have told very few people and if i ever bump into those old friends then we never talk about it.

i wrote a full account when i got home that night and made sketches of what i’d seen. i asked one of the friends to do the same thing and i still have a copy of his account, which is identical to mine which i also still have. i’ve decided only now to post this account of the experience before i forget too in my old age, hoping it will be logged somewhere and taken seriously. i was 25 years old back then and i’m nearly 50 now.

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