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At approx. 6:05 pm on sun 1/5/2020, i stepped out back door to smoke a cig while watching the nfc wildcard game of seattle vs eagles football. the second i stepped out, almost directly above me were multiple flashing lights. 5to7 or more. no sound whatsoever no defintion other than an orb shape while it flashed. when there was no flash.. there was no object. the flash of white light occurred to the left and the right of the orb. nothing above or below. they appeared to moving in a wsw direction. i immediately ran back in 5he house to grab my wife and told het she needs to come outside now. without grabbing my phone, i ran back outside to witness until until she arrived. they moved very fast... but slow.... if that makes sense. i ran and grabbed my phone and proceeded to move west up tge street to get a video of what i could... and the video is what physical evidence i have.

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