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We were living in the country near corpus christi, and on the night that president trump was elected, my husband and i were watching the coverage, so we were up very late. my husband went outside to smoke a cigarette about 2:30am and yelled for me to come outside and look.

my husband, who never believed me about what i believe (about what ufo's really are, and who the entities are) was scared to death! i calmed him down and said, "well, praise the lord! you finally believe!" the pictures we took only showed lights, since it was dark outside, so i'm not attaching them. my husband still won't tell anybody, and doesn't really feel comfortable with me doing this, but since it's ufo week on the history channel, i decided to look into this mufon website, so here i am.

we witnessed a very large craft hovering over corpus christi, tx, near the military base there. we could see what looked like city buildings at night, with high-rise windows in view. it was a very clear night, so we saw details.

it hovered over corpus, and then would disappear for a second and reappear to the south, and then back and forth, as if it were going through dimentions and reappearing in different locations. finally, it flew out over the ocean, off of corpus christi.

i'm not sure why this ufo was hovering over the city of corpus on the night of a presidential election, but that's how i remember the exact date. it was so big and obvious, that i'm sure others must have seen it. we saw it from a distance of about 30 miles from the country in sinton, but it was over the city of corpus.

i am a christian country music recording artist, and my husband is a mechanic. please feel free to find me on the web for credibility: www.Reverbnation.Com/kathyyodertreat

thank you! y'all be blessed!

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