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While returning from a bar/restaurant that is situated on the ocean in matunuck beach, rhode island, about 1am: clear night, moon in east, some stars.
traveling back to my home which is about 4 miles away from the bar, on a rural back road, with some homes, but mostly farm fields, i turn west on the bend in the road, and immediately see two pair of lights low in the sky, which reminded me of slanted bright white 'eyes.' startled and confused about what they could be as they floated over the corn field ahead of me, i stopped my car, but kept lights on and running. one craft was higher in the sky than the other and was stationary. the second craft was lower in the sky and closer to me. they were very ominous looking. the closer craft (i could not make out the shape of the craft as it was completely black) then started to come closer to me, and lower to the ground, while 'banking' to the left as it did. the craft higher up was still stationary. there were no other lights on either craft that i could see, just the two 'headlight' lights, which did not blink and did not shine out a beam from them. at that point i felt that i had been spotted by the closer craft and it did head right for me. at that point i decided i'd better get out of there. i continued west toward the craft until the road took a sharp turn to the north. i thought i might see them from a higher elevation out my the main road, a short distance away, but i could not see either craft. they may have both been too low in the sky to be seen from that point. i wanted to stay and observe but thought caution might be better. i never saw the tail end of the craft or there under belly, but no other lights on it were visible. if i were to guess, i'd say the craft were either triangular or chevron shaped, and about 100ft across. the stationary craft, higher up, was a thousand feet up, i'd guess, whereas the closer craft to me came down to, i'd guess, about 100 ft from the ground. there are lots of deer in those fields, and a few homes nearby, but mostly unpopulated. i had a good observation as there were no trees where they appeared. i reported the incident to the south kingstown police the next day and they politely took the report. no sound what so ever was heard from the craft...They were very stealthy, smooth, and silent, and made no quick or jerky moves; definitely under intelligent control. as far as i know no one else has made reports of seeing them. since it was late sunday night/early monday morning, there were no other cars on the rural back road and most people in nearby homes would be in bed. i have seen ufos several times in the past, with one incident where i was directly under the craft, but never saw anything like these two, identical craft. i had no camera phone with me.

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