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UFO Sighting in Spring Branch, Texas on 2018-10-13 20:30:00 - Two ufos coming from the west made abrupt change in direction
On saturday, october 13, 2018, at around 8:30 to 8:45 in the evening, i was outside my home looking at the stars. the night had already settled in and the evening was dark and clear. i looked up in the sky toward the west. there, very high in the sky i saw two lights, one a little brighter and larger than the other. i believed that they were satellites. they were moving together and i thought that that was very unusual in itself as i've never seen the two satellites before in all my sky watching here in spring branch, texas. the lights were moving from the west to the east, however, the lights were also diverging. one had to observe closely to notice the diverging. i watched as they came closer and closer to being directly overhead. i took my eyes off of them for a moment, to see, with the aid of my flashlight, the origin of a sound i had heard nearby. when i looked at the lights again, they had completely changed directions. the larger brighter light was now going north and the smaller dimmer light was now going south, directly opposite of the brighter light. it caused a sense of unbalance, or visual dissonance, when i saw what the lights had done. there had been no indication that the two lights were about to make any kind of change in direction. to my knowledge, i had only looked away for a moment, not more than five to ten seconds. i continued to hear the strange noise, and i looked in the nearby trees with my flashlight for the origin of the sounds. the sounds continued, even when my wife opened the front door and called out by name. she also heard the sounds.

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