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So this morning at 5 o’clock in the morning i was walking into work. as i looked up into the sky i could see the moon and then i noticed something else. i don’t know exactly what that something else was i tried my best to take some pictures and videos. what i saw looks like some sort a capsule but it was literally a moving object falling from the sky and it was lit up but it was not like anything i have ever seen before. and no it was not fireworks. this object stayed lit unlike a firework constantly and was more of a moving object rather then an explosion. you can call me crazy i don’t care but i know what i saw and let me tell you it was pretty amazing. but it seemed to be falling from the sky. but it was not like a meteor either. a meteor has a very distinct path. this object seemed to be falling but then swirling around. then it seemed like it would gain altitude at the same time. but then in my pictures you can see it all over the place. i have never seen anything like this before. it never actually landed either. it just sort of disappeared.

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