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My dad and i were out in the back yard enjoying a few beers on a friday night when we both observed what looked very much like the object(s) we saw a few weeks ago. orange orb shaped object with a steady flashing light. it entered vision from the west travelling east at about the speed of a satellite, but when it reached about 90 degrees of us, it stopped for approximately 30 seconds and then began to travel back in the direction it came from west with no flashing light.

as it returned west, it was at a noticeablely increased speed, we tried to track its course, but lost it over the suburban horizon.

i tried to take video, but it did not show up, when i switched to camera, the orb could clearly be seen passing a star.

mike robinson investigated the original case, and was requesting to be assigned this case.

the whole event took around 2 minutes and was observed by myself with camera phone and my dad with binoculars who said there were actually 2 objects travelling together.

feel free to get in touch if need be.

kind regards, clive

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