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UFO Sighting in Swindon, England on 1994-12-31 21:00:00 - Black diamond
January 1995

ufoinfo sighting form report

name: stephen

location: outskirts of swindon - wiltshire england,.

date: 01/95 cant recall the exact date.

approach direction: from the nw

departure direction: to the west

witness direction: to the east

description: i was driving toward swindon. it was early on a sunday evening - about 8pm. clear sky. some cloud and occasional rain.

i had the wipers going on my car and the radio turned on. there were a few other cars on the road - which was a 3 lane - 2 way highway. as i approached swindon i glanced to the left and saw what looked like the landing lights from an approaching aircraft - three bright white beams shining toward me- distance about 2 miles. i drove on. the road then began to rise as i drove up a 1 in 20 incline. as i drove i glanced to the left and saw that the lights had gone - or at least diaspeared behind some nearby trees. then as i looked through the front windscreen - i saw a huge black object pass in front of me- as i drove it seemed to pass really slowly above me at a height of about 2oo feet.

color/shape: the craft was diamond shaped. as i passed underneath i wound the window down and turned the radio off. there was no static interference.The dashboard clock was running normally.I checked it later and there was no lost time involved. with the window down i still drove underneath the craft as it passed from left to right in front of me. the road width was about 200ft and the craft took at least 15 -30 secs to cross in front of me. there was absolutley no sound - in fact - everything was very quiet. at least one other car passed me in the oposite direction- and did not seem to slow or even notice the huge craft.
the underneath of the craft was criss crossed in pipework (like that found on the back of an old refrigerator) dotted between the pipes were small red and yellow lights - sprinkled in a random pattern. there were no smells - no sounds- all was totally silent. once the craft had 'made sure' (more about this in a minute) that it had passed over me - it turned and moved along parallel to my course but in a westerly direction away from me. i slowed again (i don't know to this day why i didnt stop)and watched it pass over a field. as it passed over the field suddenly a solid mauve/purple light struck out and shone down into the field. i could see the several sheep in the pasture suddenly lit up and running about in a bewildered state. then the light suddenly shut off. i remember taking my eyes of the object for moment to check the road ahead and looking back as it seemed to gain height and move away to the west. then i glanced away and back again. it had gone. completly vanished.

some facts -
* i was driving down to visit my mom who was seriously ill in hospital that evening (she passed away 3 days later) i had already driven back from the hospital earlier that evening - a distance of about 200 miles) i was tired - but i am convinced i was not hulucinating or immagining the episode.
* the other driver who passed me seemed not to see anything!
* i have been interested in the ufo phenomenon since my early teens and recently a friend of mine and i had spent a lot of time discussing the whole subject - was it wishful thinking - im convinced not. those sheep were definetly frightened by something.

my theory - i believe the ufonauts' are mostly from another dimension - and can manipulate our thoughts and minds. i think i was 'allowed' to see that craft that night - a switch was turned on in my mind as it were for a while - even if others didnt see it. (there have been several similar cases)

lastly - this was not the first or last of my experiences - i have vivid dreams which i can control - obe's - occasional premonitions and have had some other ufo experiences including a possible abduction.

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