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As i pulled to the red light, which was red at the time, had no radio on, driving in silence as i wasn't far from my home, i came to the intersection crossing of king rd and carpenter road headed west toward eb hamilton softball complex. i made my way into the left hand turning lane and came to a stop. a tifton pd cruiser was running code 3 so my attention immediately turned in that direction which was traveling south turning east (left) at the intersection. as the car passed me, a bright light the size of a quarter in my vision shown very bright in my right eye and as i turned my attention to it, it was as i described, a spherical light about the size of a quarter in my vision above what would be considered the "tree line" to our tall ga pines. it was only this big in my vision for a matter of about 2 seconds and then it shot off into the distance and an incredible rate of speed leaving a trail behind that seemed to make a 20-30â° arc into the low levels of the night sky. i sat at the light looking around for anyone else that may have witnessed this incident but in that particular area, i seemed to be the only one around. i was stuck in place for a minute until i burst out with joy and spent the rest of my 2 mile ride home staring at the sky looking for any traces or signs of what had i witnessed. it makes me wonder if, like dr. stephen greer says, whatever it was appeared to me in that moment because of me. should that be true, what a humbling experience. i haven't spoke of this to anyone other than my wife, who thought it was cool, but deep inside is not a believer. it feels good to finally share such an awesome experience and hopefully won't be the last.

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