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Have no clue if this is et, paranormal, or some kind of high tech military tech. this is the 2nd time i’ve seen this 20-25ft white glowing soundless sphere orb in 3 nights (3rd time overall-1st sighting was 6/25/18 over ca highway 108 sonora pass summit camping...Witnessed during daytime-sent annonomous mufon report then). witnessed tonight at 9:01pm near border of ca/nevada while camping at high altitude in the toiyabe national forest at the ca highway 89 monitor summit. i drove up a steep dirt road to camp near levathain peak @ just under 9000ft elevation. while listening to radio in my car parked i saw the glowing white sphere orb out of my driver side window toward the east. this is the same exact white sphere orb i saw 7/15 @9:40pm which i sent a report to mufon abt but wasn’t able to get any footage. crazily it seemed to be flying the exact same flight path& speed-flying silently and fairly slowly. spotted in between ca highway 89 and highway 395 near topaz lake. flew towards the ne direction over more mountains south of dayton, nv. i assume it was coming from the ssw high altitude sierra nevada mountains in the carson iceberg wilderness and maybe the sonora pass mountains, ironically where i witnessed it my 1st time last june during the daylight & it looked celestial then. flew i assume no higher than 10,000-10,500ft. moved very slow & made no sound. i did also witness a perpeller driven aircraft flying s with normal aircraft flashing lights in the 2nd clip & after i finished these clips heard it very loudly, so i know if that orb was silent. i’ll let the video clip i took from my iphone 6 camera do the rest of the talking. wish it was better quality, but glad to capture one finally. i’ve seen a lot of starlike objects & celestial things moving and blinking in the sky above the nevada triangle high altitude especially on moonless nights.

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