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In tucson, my 14 yr old daughter and i were sitting in the living room one night in the 90's when she grabbed her chest and started screaming. i rushed her to the e.R. where they said her muscles had been dislodged from her chest which was like a football injury when a player gets their chest wall slammed, but i told them we were watching tv and they said it was impossible to happen by watching tv. i talked to another mother there and the exact thing happened to her 14 yr old daughter while watching tv. anyway we left at midnight exactly and are only 3 minutes from the hospital. i was driving on the overpass, i vaguely remember blinding light engulfing my car and my daughter screaming, when suddenly my car was under the overpass facing the wrong direction, engine idling and car clock flashing 1:30 a.M. 1.5 hours of lost time. i found my bearings and drove back up the overpass and there was a ufo about 7 feet above my hood. it was round, about 8 feet wide, made no noise, had red, blue and white lights spinning on the bottom of it. i was in awe driving slowly and it followed me home. my daughter was terrified and screaming go go go. we get to the house and my son and cousins are there and awake and they see it hovering over the trees behind my house for over an hour. my car had electrical problems. my cousin said someone had been on the roof trying to get in and she dreamed it was tall blonde aliens. my cousin's boyfriend heard them too. a week later my cousin went home to iowa and has seen them there many times since. i think they must've used some sonic weapon to hit my daughter's chest wall i saw a blue portal in my room that night with many entities around a table working on something or someone. . anyway after this my daughter had female problems and years later when she had her 1st child he is psychic like me and highly advanced. he started talking at 3 months old which no baby does. his first words were star, moon, bird and he always pointed to the sky. him and i play battleship with each other without missing any. we read each other's minds. i've had migraines and pain in my left ear since experience. i was abducted again in ruidoso, nm a few years later. they took me out of my bed and up to a mountain. they were tall and shining and i knew they could destroy me with a thought. they showed me how to move things with my mind and told me i had healing power in my hands that i would need soon. my hands became warm and light came out of them. i asked them the meaning of life and one whispered it into my ear and it was so beautiful i fell to my knees and cried but when they put me back into my room i couldn't remember what they said. my dad, sister, sister in law, brother in law, nephew, me, my daughter, cousins have all had experiences for years. these are only a couple. by the way, the week after the ufo took my daughter and i, i went to a ufo seminar in tucson looking for answers and there was a dr there with questions too from the hospital we went to that night who had seen the same ufo we did when he got off work that night. there's much more with my family but i can't fit it all here. i feel they're still here.

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