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UFO Sighting in Tugun, Queensland on 2018-11-25 03:58:00 - Witnessed out my window a bright blue/white light object travelling
Lying in bed at 3:58am. i'm lying in bed watching netflix, i have a large window next to my bed with the curtains open. when lying in bed you can't really see anything out my window except a couple branches and the sky.

something caught the corner of my eye and i looked out the window, in the black night sky there was a large white/blue light moving. its hard to judge how far away it was but it was massive. it moved from the left of my window made a loud noise which i can't even describe and shot away upwards. not left or right from view, but away into the sky to the north east going up at a 65-70 degree angle. this all happened in an instant.

now, i live near gold coast international airport. this wasn't a plane, not only do planes not fly at this time as it isn't a 24 hour airport, it didn't sound like a plane, it didn't fly the flight path and i checked the radar and the closest plane in the sky is 350km south west of me out of sight.

i genuinely believe i witnessed a ufo and i didn't believe in them until just now.

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