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UFO Sighting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on 2008-03-11 04:00:00 - Six crafts in 30 minutes were seen, five of which were with my mother.
I was leaving a buddy's place in the neighboring garden home community at exactly 4am. i worked until close frequently at a movie theater at the time, so these were not odd hours. i walked into the driveway facing north to a very bright starry night with a heavy moon glow. something caught my eye to the left (w) and i looked over. there was an intensely bright strobing flashing light of seemingly every color at a very rapid pace. it was probably between 1/4-1/3 of a mile from me, maybe 200 feet off the ground. i was frozen as i watched it trickle behind their house towards the direction of mine. the moon was large and low to the sw directly behind the house and i got to see the craft fly in front of the moon. the outline was like an almond/sunflower seed/egg shape, but it looked like the lights were only coming from the top half of the vehicle. it was as if it was projecting some type of random light pattern upward. it also had a dark, thin, smooth line of exhaust that disappeared maybe 100 feet behind it.

after it passed i ran inside and grabbed a (at the time) buddy, and he saw it but it was too far away to make out what it was. it flew towards alabama highway 69s behind my house a few blocks away. i went home a little shaken and looked out from my driveway in the direction the first light had came. there were two yellowish white lights low on the horizon getting bigger and coming towards me. i ran inside and grabbed my mother out of bed, and over the course of 20 minutes, five crafts flew directly over us in the driveway. they came by two, then two, and then one six or seven minutes apart from each other completely silent only a couple of hundred feet up.

each craft had two massive circular bright white lights side by side with a smaller pulsing red light behind the white ones in the middle that dimmed and relit smoothly. the white lights appeared to each be about 50 feet across and were bright enough that neither of us could make out an outline. they smoothly coasted directly above us until the last craft flew lower and slower than the first five. it made a noise twice that i could best compare to a digital hawk screech combined with a whistling bottle rocket. it was loud and it made the noise twice. i immediately started crying because it reduced the likelihood that it was man-made. they drifted behind the house towards the highway and were out of sight within a couple of minutes.

the experience shook me so bad i was up for four days trying to come up with an explanation to satisfy what i had seen.

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