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The following observations were all made at the same location, from my back patio.
three times since december 2018 i've seen what appear to be stars moving across the sky. the two in december were too bright to be stars, too fast, high, and round to be planes, and seemingly too close to be satellites. one passed moving east to west, then right after, the other moving north to south. if they were drones, they appeared too advanced for local police. i assumed they were drones anyway.

then i saw another one in april. the same starlike object moving across the sky. i was easily following it, when it disappeared. even though there wasn't a cloud anywhere nearby, reason dictated that it must be behind a cloud. so i waited for it to pop back into view. it never did.
i wasn't going to report any of this until now, i've seen another one.
around 4:30 this afternoon i was doing my abdominal exercises, lying on my back. (this was at my work in pelham, al). i was relaxing between sets when i chuckled inwardly: nearly directly over head, still in sunny afternoon light, i saw a stationary starlike object at very high altitude. i said, "oh good. there you are." i waved hello and motioned with my finger for it to come here. i kind of assumed it was venus or something and forgot about it. figure why not psychically reach out anyway, just in case.
well darned if that little rascal didn't show up at very high altitude tonight when i was on my back patio.

smaller and more faint than the other ones i've seen, and slower. farther away. this one tracked from sw to nw. i said, "now maybe that's a satellite." i easily tracked its steady path. but then it gave off a quick bright flash of white light, still moving. i really wasn't believing my eyes. it wasn't spectacular or anything, just more like, "seriously? we're doing this?" it was very faint, and i lost sight of it. only thing i could see now was a stationary star in the exact spot the "satellite" gave me the slip.
so i said playfully, "come here." well it started moving again, this time more toward due north, or northeast. by then the house blocked my view of its flight. i joked with it and myself, "i'm too tired to scramble up to the front yard to chase a ufo. you know where to find me if you need anything i guess."

what i've been seeing are not the everyday aircraft i've seen my whole life of 53 years. yet i'm not a tech geek, all current on drones' latest advancements. so please accept my sincere apologies if i've told a long story about something already widely known about.

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